Archive - Oct 10, 2005

Cutting wood, cont.

After a week layoff due to busyness and cold weather, I got back into the swing of cutting wood this afternoon. The wood pile is swelling. I am attacking some standing dead ash in a little slough by the driveway of the nursery. It is so dry that it is going to burn like coal, I am convinced.

Pin oak

I am fortunate to have a rare native pin oak behind the house. There are only a handful within miles of here. Each one is strikingly visible due to its red/orange fall color.

Beautiful October day

Avian flu

Some fascinating stuff has come to light in the past few days about the great flu epidemic of 1918 and the similarities of it to the present avian flu which has health officials worried.

In what is a strange coincidence, scientists only now, in an article published October 6th, have figured out the 1918 bug. It started in birds and mutated so it could be passed from human to human.

I hope this flu never hits--perhaps it will be just another unjustified public panic like Y2K, which amounted to absolutely nothing. I suspect that is the case.