Archive - Oct 12, 2005

Ladies Aid

This afternoon, I entertained at a Ladies Aid meeting about fifteen miles from here. It was fun.

Since I know only a few sacred numbers well enough to sing and play them at the same time, I played "One Day at a Time," which I learned for a funeral a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised how many people sang along quietly.

After the program, one woman came up and give me a hug. "That song got me through the toughest time of my life," she said. She lost a daughter many years ago and "One Day at a Time," as presented in the song, became her prime comfort.


Tonight, I spoke to the nursing home auxilary in Red Lake Falls. I have spoken to banquets honoring volunteers before, but this turned out to be an annual meeting as well. Most of the people I know well from the nursery, so it was fun to visit.

Whenever I speak to annual meetings, I make a point of asking to speak before the business meeting while the audience is still fresh. Without warning that there was an annual meeting afoot tonight, I couldn't make my usual request, and I arrived to find out I was at the end of the program.