Archive - Oct 13, 2005

Aunt Olla's sale (update)

I called Aunt Olla last night at about eight o'clock. I think she was in bed, but she was eager to talk and did so for a good forty minutes until she was so tired that she was slurring her speech. Lyla, Ede and Olla had spent a day in Olla's apartment marking items. It was my responsibility to put ads in the paper, and they came out just fine.

There's something about Harriet

Wow, did our President get himself in a pickle with this Harriet Meirs nomination. After protesting that his last nominee's Roman Catholic faith was irrelevant to his qualifications, Bush now argues that Miers' evangelical faith, which is more in line with his personal convictions, is an argument for putting her on the Supreme Court.

Misty morning in the gardens

Big issues

The local school board meeting was packed Tuesday night. The board was considering curriculum changes and a $5 million budget--but of course the packed house had nothing to do with any of that. No, parents and Concerned Citizens were rallying to keep the prom in Fertile.