Archive - Oct 19, 2005


The annual late season liturgy at the nursery starts with undercutting. The undercutter is a big U blade which goes under the trees and shrubs and loosens them up and cuts stray roots so that the trees can be more easily removed from the ground.

For the taller trees and shrubs, we use a U blade attached to two tractors, shown above. Neighbor Ken drives the tractor on the right, Dad the one on the left. Meanwhile, Joe and I plop down on the handles of the blade to push it into the ground.

Cold front

It was nice and warm this morning; I think the temperature dropped 20 degrees throughout the day.

This morning, I sang at a funeral in town. I didn't know the woman very well. She moved to Fertile in retirement and was in the nursing home, so I recall her from there. But I know the family, so it was fun to visit.