Archive - Oct 27, 2005

Swamp castle pics

Things are starting to settle in the house a bit. The furniture is finding its home. I am putting some lights up. It is so nice to have warm lighting on the wood. So, I decided to take some pictures--which required a long exposure. I was too lazy to put up the tripod, so I propped the camera against various posts and beams.


It is time to dig the trees out of the ground and put them in storage for the winter. Here Dad dumps some Norway Poplar forcibly to the ground in the hopes that the dirt will shake loose from their roots. We undercut the trees first (see last week's entry) but even so, in some patches of ground the dirt is stubborn about falling off the roots.


Spent the day yesterday on the campus of the University of Minnesota, Crookston in my capacity as a nursery owner who sometimes hires UMC graduates--or at least interns.

It was a day where area business and agency leaders advised people at the college on what they value in UMC graduates, and what they would like to see in potential employees.


I am always hoping to catch some of the stark beauty of the Red River Valley with the camera, but it is difficult to get a feel for the flatness and the lines. Here is an attempt using a row of trees that I have always enjoyed near Crookston. Somebody has taken the time to trim these green ash so they have nice trunks.