Archive - Oct 29, 2005

A Plethora of Pumpkins

Somebody must have gotten disillusioned with the pumpkin market after planting this field. Or else they hoping to lure deer.


The Star Tribune has a story this morning about a couple with reverse seasonal disorder: They get cranky when it is hot, and love the drab days of November.

The story is in reference to the time change this weekend, which for many signals the advent of the dark, dreary days of winter.

It can work both ways for me. I can find early winter to be dismal, or I can be energized. This fall I am lucky enough to feel energized. At other times, it has been a bumpy ride.


Using the anniversary of the Volstead Act as an excuse, Garrison Keillor made several interesting points on his Writer's Almanac last evening about Prohibition:

--Although Prohibition didn't work as well in urban areas, in rural areas commitments to insane asylums for alcoholism went down 50%.

--Women were the force behind the imposition of Prohibition. They didn't have the avenues to earn a living for themselves that they do today, divorce was much more difficult, and many of them simply became impoverished due to their husband's drinking.

Rindal, cont.

Weblog reader, schoolmate and fellow former neighborhood terrorist Jeff Krogstad grew up on the farm behind the pines below. He points out that nearly every stone in the picture has "Krogstad" on it. "Only the 'scrubby' pine separate the living from the dead," he points out.

He also remembered something I did not. He claims that I played "Elvira" (by the Oak Ridge Boys) as the offertory on the old pipe organ at a youth service at Faaberg about 25 years ago.

Ah, the foolishness of ute.