Archive - Oct 3, 2005

Pretty morning

This is what I awoke to this morning. The sun warmed up the inside of the house with beautiful orange rays. As the sun rises later and later in the morning, I am out of bed soon enough to catch this scene more often.

Went downstair to start the coffee and saw this group of does outside the dining room window. Notice, too, how nice the grass is looking which Dad seeded less than a month ago.

Troubles, changes and endings

Sunday night, can't sleep. A common dilemma. Sunday nights are always a bit on the downside. I had a busy and somewhat difficult week.

Our long-time employee Ken fell very ill with a fast-moving staph pneumonia last Monday. He is out of the woods now, but it has been a tough haul for him, and it will be some time before he is back in the saddle. He has been hurting for two months with a mysterious back pain, and this is sort of a cruel resolution to a long round of inconclusive trips to doctors.

Birthday party, Ikea raid

Lance and I headed to the Cities this weekend to attend a birthday party for my dear cousin Laine. Laine is an editor for the Utne Reader, so her party was an interesting mix of writers, editors and artsy types. Conversation was good, and there was a karaoke machine to boot. The beautiful weather meant that we could sit around a fire in the back yard in north Minneapolis.

This morning, we ate breakfast at Ikea and then I collected some more furniture. I didn't think I needed that much, but by the end of the visit the back of the pickup was full.