Archive - Oct 4, 2005

Rainy fall day

I picked up Aunt Olla at 9:30 this morning to take her back to her apartment in Twin Valley where she will spend the day getting ready for her sale. It has been a dreary, cold morning--but I couldn't help but notice the Amur maple. Amur maple came over from the Amur region of China, probably in the late 1890s as part of many expeditions led by a Professor Hanson of South Dakota State University.

A little energy burst

I cleaned off my desk at the office today and then did some cleaning at the house. I spent this evening in my garage putting together Ikea stuff. I feel like such a carpenter, although Ikea's directions are designed for those with Mechanical Deficit Disorder, so I shouldn't get to pompous.

For the first time since Cassio left, I have felt like getting something done around the house. Since I moved in, I have been quite overwhelmed. Now I am enjoying looking at some of the corners and trying to figure out what to do with them.