Archive - Oct 2005

October 21st

Drizzly Friday

Spent the bulk of the day in Bemidji at a meeting of the board of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. The drive over to Bemidji was made colorful by the bright yellow tamarack. I am going to try to get a picture of a big tamarack near here down by the Sandhill River on the Harstad farm.

October 20th

Ground squirrels

Tonight, I spoke at the Mahnomen County Historical Society's annual meeting. This time, I was on before the business meeting--which was nice!

Touch of class

No house in the sticks is complete without a satellite dish on prominent display. Mine has a particularly classy four-log anchor system.

This is temporary. I am going to set it up on the other side of the house next to another little pond where the dish will have access to the two satellites it taps into without polluting the scenery around the house.

October 19th


The annual late season liturgy at the nursery starts with undercutting. The undercutter is a big U blade which goes under the trees and shrubs and loosens them up and cuts stray roots so that the trees can be more easily removed from the ground.

For the taller trees and shrubs, we use a U blade attached to two tractors, shown above. Neighbor Ken drives the tractor on the right, Dad the one on the left. Meanwhile, Joe and I plop down on the handles of the blade to push it into the ground.

October 18th

Cold front

It was nice and warm this morning; I think the temperature dropped 20 degrees throughout the day.

This morning, I sang at a funeral in town. I didn't know the woman very well. She moved to Fertile in retirement and was in the nursing home, so I recall her from there. But I know the family, so it was fun to visit.

October 17th

Rummage sale recovery

I think I was still tired from the sale today. Took a long nap. It is always exhausting to see a side of humanity you didn't want to think existed.

Newly convinced that I will never have such a sale myself, I started throwing out items I had been saving for a potential sale.

I got lost when I ran across a file box filled with nursery records from the 1960s. I decided to sift through it to see if there was anything of historical interest, and sure enough there was.

One option

This article was forwarded by weblog reader and high school buddy Gary about a principled principal on Long Island.

October 16th

First Wild Party at Swamp Castle

Six-year old Grant called last night wondering if he could come over and play on the catwalk. Of course, that was more than fine and while later he arrived with his parents and sister Cynthia.

Aunt Olla's sale

Well, the big sale day finally happened. I arrived at 9 a.m. to find Ede, Cousin Eileen, friend Lyla and neighbor Bev making final preparations.

October 14th


When will the Vikings learn not to rock the boat?