Archive - Oct 2005

October 14th

Surprise visitors

I knew cousin Monica was going to take Aunt Olla to Twin Valley today for final preparations for the sale tomorrow. I was slated to pick Olla up and bring her back to the Fertile Hilton at about 4 o'clock.

Old Friends

Back when I was in early elementary school, my mother, without my knowing, spirited away some of my toys and put them in the upstairs of the grainery. I don't know where she got the idea, but she figured that after about a year without the toys, I would enjoy them more when I got to play with them again.

When I discovered the toys in the grainery about a year later, (remember how long a year was when you were that age) it was better than getting new toys--it was as if I had been reunited with old friends.

October 13th

Aunt Olla's sale (update)

I called Aunt Olla last night at about eight o'clock. I think she was in bed, but she was eager to talk and did so for a good forty minutes until she was so tired that she was slurring her speech. Lyla, Ede and Olla had spent a day in Olla's apartment marking items. It was my responsibility to put ads in the paper, and they came out just fine.

There's something about Harriet

Wow, did our President get himself in a pickle with this Harriet Meirs nomination. After protesting that his last nominee's Roman Catholic faith was irrelevant to his qualifications, Bush now argues that Miers' evangelical faith, which is more in line with his personal convictions, is an argument for putting her on the Supreme Court.

Misty morning in the gardens

Big issues

The local school board meeting was packed Tuesday night. The board was considering curriculum changes and a $5 million budget--but of course the packed house had nothing to do with any of that. No, parents and Concerned Citizens were rallying to keep the prom in Fertile.

October 12th

Ladies Aid

This afternoon, I entertained at a Ladies Aid meeting about fifteen miles from here. It was fun.

Since I know only a few sacred numbers well enough to sing and play them at the same time, I played "One Day at a Time," which I learned for a funeral a couple of weeks ago. I was surprised how many people sang along quietly.

After the program, one woman came up and give me a hug. "That song got me through the toughest time of my life," she said. She lost a daughter many years ago and "One Day at a Time," as presented in the song, became her prime comfort.

October 11th


Tonight, I spoke to the nursing home auxilary in Red Lake Falls. I have spoken to banquets honoring volunteers before, but this turned out to be an annual meeting as well. Most of the people I know well from the nursery, so it was fun to visit.

Whenever I speak to annual meetings, I make a point of asking to speak before the business meeting while the audience is still fresh. Without warning that there was an annual meeting afoot tonight, I couldn't make my usual request, and I arrived to find out I was at the end of the program.

October 10th

Cutting wood, cont.

After a week layoff due to busyness and cold weather, I got back into the swing of cutting wood this afternoon. The wood pile is swelling. I am attacking some standing dead ash in a little slough by the driveway of the nursery. It is so dry that it is going to burn like coal, I am convinced.

Pin oak

I am fortunate to have a rare native pin oak behind the house. There are only a handful within miles of here. Each one is strikingly visible due to its red/orange fall color.