Archive - Nov 11, 2005

The whole nine yards

Weblog reader and historian Allan writes wondering if I know the origin of the phrase "the whole nine yards." I do not, so I looked on the internet and there are several possibilities.

--It could be a reference to football. Nine yards is just short of the ten required for a first down. The "whole nine yards," somebody postulated, is an subtly ironic reference to falling just short. I doubt this. Somehow "subtle irony" and "football" don't seem to belong in the same sentence.

Any idiot

A few years ago, Dad was extolling the virtues of PVC pipe to a local plumber. The man spat back, "Yeah, now any idiot can be a plumber."

I suspect more than a few photographers who have spent years dealing with film and film development are a little chagrined at how easy photography has become with digital technology.

I took the photos below, loaded them onto the computer, adjusted their coloring, cropped them, reduced their quality so they don't take so long to download onto the web, and loaded them on the website--all within thirty minutes.

Pictures of the last day of Indian summer

The pods of asclepias (milkweed) are a favorite target of photographers. No wonder why.

A touch of Christmas in the asparagus patch. A red asparagus seed stands out against the green asparagus foliage, which is aparently impervious to frost. The red seed is not on the green part of the plant--it comes from a stem which was very dead and which had fallen on the green stems.

Last day of Indian summer

At least that is what the weather forecast says. Tomorrow is supposed to bring more typical November weather--sleet, drizzle, cold. But today! It is going to be 64 degrees and sunny.

SPENT a little time reading Winston Churchill's World War II memoirs last evening. Nothing like good historical writing to pull one out of the cares of the moment and into a larger world.

Red Lobster, etc.

Olla and I had a good trip and accomplished all of our goals.

Olla had been telling all her friends at the Fertile Hilton that she was going to the "funeral parlor" today, and they would respond so gravely--"You'll pull through fine," and pat her on the back, not realizing how much Olla enjoys refining the plans for her funeral. The spectacle of these people feeling sorry for her gave Olla the giggles, so she was in high spirits when we left for our visit with the undertaker.