Archive - Nov 15, 2005

Alberta clipper

I was planning a trip to Grand Forks, but turned around when I saw the visibility. Frozen slush covers the roads. It is far from ideal outside right now.

This weeping willow adds some color to the bleak landscape.

Nine yards, again

The sum total of emailed responses indicates that the preferred explanation for the term "whole nine yards" is that nine yards was the length of an ammo belt in World War II. Shoot off all your ammo, you gave 'em the whole nine yards.

Aunt Beth emailed a clip from the New York Times in which a grandma talked about her young grandson playing football "with pads and the whole nine yards." The phrase is still alive and well in the modern vernacular.

Major victory

After much shuffling of junk, the pickup entered the garage for the first time today, a mere five months after I moved into the house. It never once occurred to me to build a garage big enough to fit both junk and vehicle, so I had to move the junk to the guest bedroom, which is now useless for its intended purpose.

So, after 170,000 miles, the Ranger finally will be stored in warm garage.

Old man winter

The swamp is a slush pot this morning as the falling snow gathers faster than the water can melt it.

A little red twig provides some color relief in the otherwise drab landscape.

I was looking through a copy of Arizona Highways magazine this morning. As always, the magazine carries incredible pictures, pictures which start getting one to think about a winter escape.