Archive - Nov 24, 2005


Here is our Thanksgiving gang, minus Lance who is taking the photo. Dad, Mom, Joe, Aunt Olla and I, in order. The food went down fine. Nobody died of samonilla yet. Mom brought pumpkin pie. Olla declared it the best pie she has ever had.

Over the river and through the woods

Thanksgiving morning, and it is bitterly cold. A north wind roared all night. The sun is shining through the frost around the edges of the windows.

In a couple of hours, I will figure out how to bake a ham, start the potatoes, microwave some squash, and get ready for dinner at one. I also am thawing one of the Hutterites' good smoked chickens.

So, no turkey. I got scared of all the "how-to" people warning me that if I don't cook it right, all my guests will die. Ham is already cooked. So is the smoked chicken. That seems like the safest route.