Archive - Nov 26, 2005

Black Friday

Pictures in the newspaper this morning of people trampling each other before dawn yesterday scrambling for bargains. Festive! Oh, a lottery winner was found dead in her home after laying there for days. The story, as always, is one of people ruined by sudden, enearned wealth. The whole notion of getting something for nothing turns people ugly.

Thanksgiving recap

Still eating leftovers and will be for several days. Leftover ham is good stuff.

Dinner table conversation: Mom and Dad were telling about their trip last week to San Antonio. Aunt Olla remarked that she always had liked San Antonio, although her job there was a bust.

Story time. Aunt Olla and her friend Marge had decided to get out of this area. Confident that there were plenty of jobs elsewhere (it was during WW II), they headed south.