Archive - Nov 8, 2005

November color

Hardy roses can display stunning fall color. I think this is a rose which was bred by a young woman in Bagley. It blooms pink in June.

This is a glossy black chokeberry, related to chokecherry but not quite as palatable. The morning mist created the big drips.

A "Madonna" elderberry is still hanging onto its leaves and its color.

Bi-polar November

Yesterday was about as perfect as you can get in a northern Minnesota November: Sunny, mid-50s, still. Today is more typical. Rain, cold, drizzle, lots of blue on the Doppler radar.

Any nice weather in November is a bonus. If you have a blizzard in early November, that snow usually stays. So, the longer we put off the first blizzard, the more work that can be done--and the shorter a winter we will have.