Archive - Nov 2005

November 5th

Prom skin-care tips

I found this on the internet and pass it along as a public service:

Get Gorgeous for Prom Night Skincare Tips for Your Teen by Jeanine B. Downie, M.D., of Image Dermatology P.C.

* Try to avoid getting too stressed while preparing for the big night, as the effects can show up on your skin.
* While busy looking for the perfect outfit, accessories, date, etc., don't neglect your skin.
* For kissable lips, go ahead, lay on the lip gloss! But avoid going over the lip line; this can block pores and cause blemishes on your perfect pout.

They'll always find something

I am medically ignorant, but hearing more stories about the side effects of cholesterol-lowering medication makes me think that the cure is worse than the disease. Heart problems. Liver problems. Numb fingers. Good grief! At what price do we want lower cholesterol numbers? What about exercise?


Went outside early this morning to fill the wood stove. It was perfectly still, and I could hear hunters' vehicles prowling the countryside. This is the first day of rifle hunting in this area, and I assume they are out climbing into their deer stands before sunrise.

There are two parties hunting on my land. Both are very experienced and responsible. One has been hunting here for 30 years, the other for 25. So, they know the lay of the land and have strategies which have been established over the years to fit the situation here.

November 4th

More on prom

Slate magazine has weighed in on prom issue, and provides some historical background as well.

Somebody doesn't have enough to do

Got on a roll with the fishline and decided to hang this table about three feet above Eugene the Bear. Like Eugene, this is probably a temporary installation.

Floating wood chunk

This is not Photoshop, it is fishline. I decided to try to suspend one of the big chunks of wood left from the house construction--and it worked! This ought to freak out the house visitors.

November blah

Grey, wet, cold. November has hit. Last night, there were some snow flurries, although they quickly melted upon hitting the warm ground.

I took a bunch of pictures yesterday, hoping to post more of the fading fall color here--only to get back to the house and realize that I didn't have the memory card in the camera. That's the modern equivalent of forgetting to put in film. And I wasn't stubborn enough to go back and retake the pictures.

November 2nd


To find language with syntax as tortured as that of Gerard Manley Hopkins, I looked up the testimony the late great Casey Stengel gave to a Senate anit-trust committee on July 8, 1958. For some reason, the committee called Casey in to testify the day after he had managed the American League team in the All-Star game.

November 1st

Some Hopkins

It has been a while since I have subjected you readers to the syntactical puzzles of my favorite poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins, the tortured 19th century British priest. However, his metaphysical view of nature--as well as his concentrated, eccentric use of the language, sticks in one's head if you stick with it long enough. This morning after taking the photos below, the phrases "all is smeared with trade; bleared, smeared with toil" came to mind. All I had to do to find the poem was type that phrase in on Google.

Finding color in November

Inspired by Cousin Anne's attempts to find color in the landscape in November even if meant going to the bottom of a canal, I looked around this morning for something colorful in the landscape here. I was helped by the presence of potted perennials and shrubs at the nursery.

This barberry is deep maroon during the summer, but late in the fall it can turn orange red. The remaining morning dew provides some gloss.