Archive - Feb 2005

February 27th

A weekend at the Fargodome

I am exhausted! I spent the weekend--Friday, Saturday and Sunday--standing at my booth at the Fargodome talking to people. It is fun, but by the end of three days, you sort of get bleary-eyed.

February 25th


The is the weekend of the Home and Garden Show at the Fargodome. I rent a table and spend the weekend talking to people. On the table, I put up a 4-H like exhibit of gardens pictures with lighting behind. People like color this time of year, so they tend to wander over and visit.

We have a drawing for a $50 gift certificate, which is just an excuse to get people to sign up for a catalog.

February 24th

New website

Cousin Anne has been working diligently on the Bergeson Nursery website. Her job was to get it ready for those of us at the nursery to start putting in the bulk of the information. I started yesterday.

It will be a long time until all the information is ready--in fact, it will take a long time to have everything up on the site which I hope to have their eventually. However, there are a few pictures and some garden tips up there as of this evening. Check back for new stuff every couple of days.

February 23rd


A big park in Mexico City was patrolled by these whimsical lookingpolicemen. Rest assured, the park had many policemen who looked a little more typical. I never did figure out all of the various branches of the police, but they stood on most corners.

Hat sellers

A little boy at a fountain

Budding skeptic

This little girl in a group of schoolchildren at a museum didn't seem to be buying the line being fed to her by her teacher.

Street vendor

Street vendors sold everything from soap to nuts in Mexico City. One specialized in scissors. Another sold radio batteries and fake dog poop. This woman probably was the more traditional form of vendor. I suspect she came in from the countryside with her supply of statues, jewelry and textiles.

Organ grinder

We frequently heard and saw organ grinders on the streets of Mexico City. Their music reverberated for a block or so in each direction. Most were alone, but others had helpers hitting up passersby for donations.

February 22nd

Girl and her pet

At Los Remedios, the church atop the pyramid, this girl and her nine-month-old pet monkey held court at the main door. I think I would have gotten a better picture if I had agreed to fork over some pesos. Oddly, the girl and her friend acted sort of like they were caretakers of the church. They seemed to watch over us as if they were worried we might get into some sort of trouble.