Archive - Mar 2005

March 30th

Cleaning House

Last night the realtor called to say he would like to show my house today. Ten minutes after he called, I discovered that my washer had overflowed all over the basement.

March 29th

Spring breaks loose

The water really ran today. It reached 60 degrees, probably for the first time of the year. A field ditch broke loose just above the drive out to my house. Unfortunately, the culvert wasn't open yet, so a flood of water came over the road and washed some gullies.

By one this afternoon, the culvert had opened and was gushing through. I expect by morning, the water will have gone down enough to stop the flow over the road.

First Rose

Pretty fun to go out into the greenhouse this morning and find this Winnipeg Parks rose blooming. It is about six weeks early, but that's fine--it is good to see some color.

March 28th

Brazil night

Danilo, one of two Brazilian students who are going to work at the nursery this summer, wrote to invite me to a Brazilian dinner at UMC.

Dinner started with a salad which was sprinkled with fresh hearts of palm which were especially delicious. The main course was trout in gravy over rice with black beans. Very good. The dessert was a slice of candied plantain, I believe, although the Brazilians swore they had never tasted it in their life and they had a hard time getting it down.

March 27th


It has almost become a tradition to go to Aunt Ede's and Uncle Orville's for Easter Sunday dinner. At Easter, we are at the point at the nursery where if the sun goes in and out, or on and off, as the case may be, somebody needs to be home to vent the greenhouses. Today was cloudy, but Mom stayed home to nurse a bad cold and keep an eye on things.

March 26th

Ah, bliss!

I devoted the entire day to staining knotty pine boards in my house. Man, did I enjoy it. I brought out my Bose Wave Machine, and it filled the house. I listed to piano concertos by Tchiakovsky (sp?), Schumann and Mozart, some organ music, and then finally pop stuff--it all sounded great, and it made me work hard.

A morose week

If you read or watch the news, which I do more than I care to admit (almost all of it on the internet), it has basically been a week focused on death. Red Lake, Terri Schiavo, Pope John Paul II, Prince Rainier--the dead and the dying.

March 25th

Stone Fern

About four years ago, employee Dot had the idea of starting a gift shop at the nursery. I said fine, but that I wanted some control over what sort of things we sold. She agreed, and she and I met in Minneapolis at the wholesale gift mart to spend a day.

Well, I exercised some control, but mainly let Dot get what she thought would sell. However, I couldn't resist picking up some items that I just thought were the cat's meow.


Here are some baby coleus snuggling like kittens in the seed tray. They are being incubated under 24-hour high pressure sodium lights.

The death penalty

One commentator has used the Red Lake tragedy to lament that had the killer lived, he would not have been eligible for the death penalty because of a recent Supreme Court ruling preventing the application of the death penalty to minors.