Archive - Apr 2005

April 29th


We had a nice turnout for the seminar on fruits and vegetables last night at the nursery, despite the cool. In fact, I think turnout is higher when it is cool than when it is sunny and warm; nice weather makes people want to work outside.

April 28th


Here's the fireplace. The wood beams are in their final form, everything else has yet to be filled in. There will be some tile in the empty spaces.

So far, the comments have been: "Well, it's unique!" and "it's one of a kind, that's for sure!" and "does it somehow symbolize the cross, is that what you're getting at?"

Hee hee.

April 27th

Flurries and wind

Quite a day--the quaking aspen are lime green, and today it was blowing sleet and snow. During one of the outbursts, I was standing in the middle of the living room of the Swamp Castle, and it struck me how all of the windows made me feel as if I was surrounded by nature, in the elements, yet protected. It is a feeling I like. I do not like living in a cave. The blowing snow and lime leaves were visible in all directions. The open water on the swamp shivered with waves.


Now spring is acting more typical. This morning, snow flurries. I can't say that I am too upset. It will be a good time for some rest and catching up.

Cassio left on the bus yesterday for Minneapolis. He will fly out to San Francisco today where his particular group of Brazilian exchange workers will hold their final ceremonies. The final meeting is required by the program, for whatever reason--and it is a good chance for Cassio to see some of the country.

April 26th


Tonight, I was the entertainment for a GED graduation in Detroit Lakes. I didn't suppose that a GED ceremony would have a lot of people, but when I arrived--just in time to see the harried organizer of the event on her cell phone to the nursery wondering where I was--there was an auditorium full of people. The high school jazz band played a march. There were fifty graduates.

The ranch

The Bergeson family has benefited over the years from the fact that Dad's sister Lois, in a fit of rebellion, took a teaching job in Burns, OR in the mid-1950s, married a rancher, and raised a family there. We have benefitted because our entire family enjoys taking pilgrimages out to "the ranch."

The latest cousin to do so is Anne, who presents a photographic report on her weblog today.

April 25th

Open till eight

Every year when we set the spring nursery hours, the question is--when do we start staying open late? If it is nice in late April, people will want to come in the evening, but if it is like it is today, we likely won't have anybody--and yet some poor tired soul is going to have to sit here until eight o'clock. If I lived right here, as I will soon, I could run out to the house and watch for customers from the crow's nest. As it is, I think I will just stay here, get some work done, and wait until about 7:15 before shutting things down and running home to sit in the recliner.

Red Hats

For some reason, I ended up speaking to a convention of Red Hats in Brooks, MN this noon. They forbade me from making any serious point or trying to be educational. I don't know if I succeeded or not.

Burning the candle at both ends

At least that's what it has felt like the past few days! The early spring meant that things broke loose early at the nursery. Meanwhile, I still have a full slate of speaking engagements meant to promote the nursery--which seem superfluous once I return to the nursery to find the place inundated with customers. Plus, I had to move last week and I still haven't unpacked my necessary junk--so I am searching for things like clean clothes and dish cloths and the like. It has been surreal.

April 22nd

Cooling off

After several days of beautiful weather, things got cool. Kind of a relief. Sales slowed a bit. I went home and took a three hour nap.

Early this morning, I drove to Mahnomen to speak to their high school awards breakfast. They had a speaker cancel out a couple of days before the event, so I was called.

The awards program was held at St. Micheal's Catholic Church. I had to have a phone to call in the radio show--and assumed the church would have one, but it did not. The priest, Father Rick, had to take me to the rectory and I called from there.