Archive - May 2005

Swamp Castle's new look

The Swamp Castle has a new look after the siding on the front was completed.

May 30th

Festive Day at the Nursery

This young family enjoyed the home-made ice cream at the nursery today. Jen Sobin of Fertile, who has an ice cream shop on main street which just opened, brought out her portable freezer for the weekend. The ice cream is spectacular.

May 29th

Memorial Day Weekend

Because of the slow, cool, wet spring, we anticipated a busy Memorial Day weekend at the nursery. If it would have been warm, it might have been a blockbuster; as it was, business was solid, despite the constant rain and cold temperatures.

On Saturday, I made the annual graveyard run. People call us to have planters placed on the graves of their relatives. It is the same graves every year, and, with a few additions, it has been the same graves for the past twenty years or more. I instinctively know where to find them, so it is best if I go out and place the planters.

May 25th


The tile colors don't quite come true on the photo--the flash casts a bluish light on the whole affair--but perhaps you can get some sense why I really like it. With floor heat, it will be nice to feel the warm rock under my feet all winter. The tile in this picture hasn't been grouted or sealed yet, and you can see the muddy footprints.

Danilo and Cassio

Here is Harold, the farmer who found us Cassio and Danilo, with Cassio. Cassio is trying to get Harold to come to Brazil next winter. No word yet on if he has bought tickets.

And here is Danilo. Danilo worked for Harold as well before moving on to a farm in Wisconsin and then spending some time at the University of Minnesota in Crookston.


This famous house in Kragnes, sometimes known as the White House, is for sale. I see it is falling into disrepair. Somebody had fixed it up and was using it for weddings, but that isn't a big money-maker. I took a picture during the few minutes in the past few days when the sun was out yesterday evening.


The apartment owner took me at my word when I said I would be moving into my house July 1, and he rented it to somebody else. That gives that date some urgency. It isn't far away. So, with the gloomy weather yesterday, I went to Fargo to try to figure out the remaining big Swamp Castle issues: Lighting and furniture.

May 24th

A little calm

I love these cloudy, cool mornings in late spring. The relatively dreary weather also slowed things a bit here at the nursery after a hectic weekend which extended through Monday due to the nice weather. It was non-stop until eight last night.

So, some of us are taking much needed breathers.

The tile guy arrived. I have to say that the laying of the tile has been the event I have waited for most eagerly in the house construction process. It is such beautiful--and strange--tile. And it is looking as good as I had expected.

May 22nd


Another big day at the nursery. It tuckered me out. I squeezed out a column and now am going to try to wind down to sleep.

However, I’ll have to wait for whomever it is who mows the lawn here at the apartments to get done weed-trimming. I think it is a little odd to weed-trim after 10 p.m. I suppose you do it when you can. But couldn’t they go out and weed-trim at the cemetery? Nobody there would be bothered.

Spring winds

The wind has been roaring all night and shows no sign of letting up this morning. More normal stuff for spring: Rain, wind, damp. Every spring in Minnesota seems to proceed in fits and starts rather than progressing neatly towards summer. It really is an agonizing process, starting as it does in March and going on until the end of May, a full three months of hoping for something better.