Archive - 2005

December 19th


Here is the best shot I could get of the finches through the window. Windows muck up pictures. The finches love the thistle seed. The other bird feeder has sunflowers, but it only gets business if the thistle feeder is full. The real losers have to go down on the ground to get the fallen thistle seed.

Here is the window sill in the sunrise. There is a clarity to the sunshine when it is this cold.

December 18th

One step forward, one back

President Bush agreed to the McCain amendment to ban torture of detainees by the United States armed forces. That is good news.

Then, the president admitted that he okayed wiretapping on American citizens by the National Security Agency. Spying on American citizens by agencies charged with foreign intelligence is specifically banned by law, and was throughout the Cold War, even at the height of the red scares in the 1950s.

December 15th

Yogi quotes

Instead of typing in the quotes, I lead you here for a good laugh or two. Or three. I think, however, the last quote on the page is the most reliable.

My favorite: When the wife of the New York City mayor told him he looked like he was keeping cool despite the heat, Yogi responded, "Well, you don't looks so hot yourself!"

And this classic: "Even Napoleon had his Watergate."


My mother just emailed me a press release from Gov. Pawlenty's office: Russ Anderson, former Fertile resident, has been named Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Great news! In the few years Russ and Kristen lived in Fertile while Kristen was superintendent of schools at Fertile-Beltrami, I had a few chances to visit with Russ. Like most judges, he is a lively conversationalist--and just an all around warm person.

Twins sign Tony Batista

This is good news for Twins fans. Tony Batista went to Japan to play for a couple of years and was forgotten by the American teams. He had solid years there.

Often times, players who play a couple of years in Japan come back better than they were before. Once again, general manager Terry Ryan pulled a rabbit out of his hat. Batista is a third baseman. He hits home runs and gets lots of runs batted in, which indicates that he gets his hits when they matter.


This was the extent of my Christmas decorating this year. More than most years. I hung some ornaments from the ceiling. Above is the bottom of the crow's nest.

It was fun at the party last night to hear some the kids say, "this is a cool house!" One said he was going to steal the design for himself. That would second the opinion of employee Dot, who said the house had the flavor of a little boy's tree house.

December 14th

Company party

Here is most of the crew who attended tonight's company party at the house. A finer bunch of people you will never find!

We were taking these pictures with the intent of sending them via email to Danilo and Cassio, the Brazilians who worked at the nursery this spring and went home in late summer. Then, somebody got the idea to do what Cassio insisted upon doing for every picture we ever took of him: Give this funny little sign. You couldn't put the camera up without him flashing this sign.

December 13th

War on Christmas update

It finally happened.

Cuddle nation

I recieved this email this morning, and pass it on for the general enrichment:

Dear Eric,

Noticing your May 24, 2004 Affection Deficit Disorder posting I offer you the following possibility.

December 12th

History bunch

Spoke to the Clearwater County Historical Society in Bagley tonight. It was their annual meeting. Much to my surprise, there were at least 45 people on hand, and they served an opulent potluck dinner which included at least ten desserts. Wow. Didn't expect that from a history bunch.