Archive - 2005

December 6th

So you want to win the lottery?

This article in the New York Times is another in the genre of instant wealth gone bad. Of course, we all still think we could handle it!

December 5th


Finally, you can discover what religion you should join by answering twenty simple questions. Please pay attention to the disclaimer, printed in red.

Surprise, surprise, I ended up stuck with this bunch.

Cold spell

It isn't the deepest cold, just moderate cold. Right around zero. Bearable. At least the sun is out today.

Three goldfinches have found the thistle seed in my feeder, which is nice. They have already nibbled about 1/3 of the seed I put out four days ago. I wouldn't even have known there were finches around if I hadn't put out the feeder. They are cute, puffy little things with a swatch of yellow.

The other feeder with regular old bird food has been undisturbed so far. I am hoping for chickadees.

December 3rd

Twins trade

It isn't a big deal, but the Twins added a good second baseman, Luis Castillo, via a trade with the Florida Marlins. In return, they gave up a couple of hard-throwing pitching prospects. Castillo, 30, is expected to finally fill the gap at second base for the Twins after a season during which they tried six others in the spot.

December 2nd

Trip to Alex

Traveled to Alexandria yesterday. Last night, I performed for a bank Christmas party. It was a fun, good-spirited bunch. They obviously felt very comfortable with their boss and their fellow employees. That is something you can tell right away when you enter a room.

November 30th

Settling in

I am slowly getting used to winter, enjoying it a little more, not being so restless. It helps to have a day like today where the temperature was moderate and travel wasn't quite so difficult. The pile of firewood is going down fast; at some point in the near future I am going to have to start sawing again.

More frozen things

Photographer Bruce came over today for a photo tour. I learned some things from him about improving depth of field on the camera. He's trying to get me off the automatic settings.

The fine hairs of the miscanthus plumes are a soft touch in the otherwise harsh landscape.

Something green!

November 29th

Trip to town

I really didn't need to go to town, but I came up with an excuse. Aunt Olla needed some Christmas cards from the drug store, and I had to go to the bank.

However, as you can see above, the roads are so icy slick that even at 25 mph with four-wheel drive turned on I was sliding around on the highway. The main highway is slightly better--it has been graveled--but only slightly. So, it is best to stay home.

November 28th

Power outage

When the power went out tonight and stayed out for two hours, it was difficult to know what to do. I lit up some candles and read in the crow's nest. Lance, stranded here due to the storm and unable to get to classes, decided to get creative with the camera and a flashlight.

Apparently the power outages are widespread. No surprise, given the amount of ice on the wires. I went out to check on the stove after the power came on and was greeted by six inches of snow. General ugliness.

Old Truck

Without pestering those of you with slow connections by adding more pictures to this page, here is a little gallery of old truck photos. I love old trucks. Always have, since I was a baby. From the Ford logo to the reflectors to the signal lights to the gas cap, I love everything about old trucks.