Archive - 2005

November 28th

Ice storm

Photographer and friend Bruce called this morning--just to tell me to get out of the house and take some photos of stuff covered with ice. It was a good idea. In this miserable storm, which makes the simplest attempts to walk miserable, it was good to get out and see how the ice on everything changes the visual effects.

This is the newly planted grass in front of the house.

November 27th

Krauthammer on torture

The thought-provoking and thoughtful Charles Krauthammer weighs in on the torture issue. He makes good points, as always. I don't agree that we should codify the limited use of torture in special situations, but Krauthammer makes the useful point that John McCain's righteous opposition to all torture doesn't cover some of the horrible contingencies.

November 26th

Home of the month?

Wisconsin Log Homes has featured my house on their website this month.

Black Friday

Pictures in the newspaper this morning of people trampling each other before dawn yesterday scrambling for bargains. Festive! Oh, a lottery winner was found dead in her home after laying there for days. The story, as always, is one of people ruined by sudden, enearned wealth. The whole notion of getting something for nothing turns people ugly.

November 25th

Thanksgiving recap

Still eating leftovers and will be for several days. Leftover ham is good stuff.

Dinner table conversation: Mom and Dad were telling about their trip last week to San Antonio. Aunt Olla remarked that she always had liked San Antonio, although her job there was a bust.

Story time. Aunt Olla and her friend Marge had decided to get out of this area. Confident that there were plenty of jobs elsewhere (it was during WW II), they headed south.

November 24th


Here is our Thanksgiving gang, minus Lance who is taking the photo. Dad, Mom, Joe, Aunt Olla and I, in order. The food went down fine. Nobody died of samonilla yet. Mom brought pumpkin pie. Olla declared it the best pie she has ever had.

Over the river and through the woods

Thanksgiving morning, and it is bitterly cold. A north wind roared all night. The sun is shining through the frost around the edges of the windows.

In a couple of hours, I will figure out how to bake a ham, start the potatoes, microwave some squash, and get ready for dinner at one. I also am thawing one of the Hutterites' good smoked chickens.

So, no turkey. I got scared of all the "how-to" people warning me that if I don't cook it right, all my guests will die. Ham is already cooked. So is the smoked chicken. That seems like the safest route.

November 22nd

Thanksgiving preparation

I put a ham in the fridge to thaw. I have never baked a ham before. It can't be too difficult. I have Betty Crocker handy to help out. Aunt Olla is coming out for the dinner, and she always baked ham with red wine. Perhaps I should pick up a bottle and try it.

M. Scott Peck

Perhaps some of you have read M. Scott Peck's classic The Road Less Traveled. I didn't realize until I ran across this news item that he recently died. Equally interesting is the obituary--wow! Now that is one in the British style. They don't let up on you even when you die.

November 21st

Dreaming of Arizona

I want to go to Arizona so badly I can taste it. Today, I studied the AZ map on the wall of my office, thinking of places to visit. I have sort of gotten myself into a rhythm of going to AZ at least two winters out of three, and once you get those memory cues in place, they become difficult to resist.

Every year, I go through the same charade of thinking I am not going to go--no, I'll just stay home and take care of what little business there is to take care of in January. Stay warm. Read. Tend to the stove. Cut wood.