Archive - 2005

November 9th


Things have been quiet around here during the week--just a couple of shots per day. Hunting season in this area is nine days this year, covering two weekends and the weekdays between.

Last weekend, the two parties who hunted on this land took perhaps six deer between them. There are still many of the critters left to go.

November 8th

November color

Hardy roses can display stunning fall color. I think this is a rose which was bred by a young woman in Bagley. It blooms pink in June.

This is a glossy black chokeberry, related to chokecherry but not quite as palatable. The morning mist created the big drips.

A "Madonna" elderberry is still hanging onto its leaves and its color.

Bi-polar November

Yesterday was about as perfect as you can get in a northern Minnesota November: Sunny, mid-50s, still. Today is more typical. Rain, cold, drizzle, lots of blue on the Doppler radar.

Any nice weather in November is a bonus. If you have a blizzard in early November, that snow usually stays. So, the longer we put off the first blizzard, the more work that can be done--and the shorter a winter we will have.

November 7th

More on torture and detainment without trial

The Christian Science Monitor gives the torture question its usual fair and circumspect treatment.

November 6th

Stop the torture

Newsweek has a good article on why there should be a strong anti-torture policy towards prisoners of our military, no matter how heinous their crimes.

I am ashamed that our country tortures prisoners. Such torture has happened before on our watch, but mainly in times of great stress for the grunts on the ground, and without official sanction. American soldiers did some atrocious things in response to the horrible Nazi massacres of American POWs late in the war, but that was without permission from the top.

Frosty morn

Woke up to frost and a little ice on the swamp. The incredible humidity in the house accounts for the foggy fringe around the windows, I think.

November 5th

Prom skin-care tips

I found this on the internet and pass it along as a public service:

Get Gorgeous for Prom Night Skincare Tips for Your Teen by Jeanine B. Downie, M.D., of Image Dermatology P.C.

* Try to avoid getting too stressed while preparing for the big night, as the effects can show up on your skin.
* While busy looking for the perfect outfit, accessories, date, etc., don't neglect your skin.
* For kissable lips, go ahead, lay on the lip gloss! But avoid going over the lip line; this can block pores and cause blemishes on your perfect pout.

They'll always find something

I am medically ignorant, but hearing more stories about the side effects of cholesterol-lowering medication makes me think that the cure is worse than the disease. Heart problems. Liver problems. Numb fingers. Good grief! At what price do we want lower cholesterol numbers? What about exercise?


Went outside early this morning to fill the wood stove. It was perfectly still, and I could hear hunters' vehicles prowling the countryside. This is the first day of rifle hunting in this area, and I assume they are out climbing into their deer stands before sunrise.

There are two parties hunting on my land. Both are very experienced and responsible. One has been hunting here for 30 years, the other for 25. So, they know the lay of the land and have strategies which have been established over the years to fit the situation here.

November 4th

More on prom

Slate magazine has weighed in on prom issue, and provides some historical background as well.