Archive - Jan 11, 2006

Local scenery

Just took a walk around the neighborhood behind the hotel. Tucson is laid out just like the farmland in northwestern Minnesota--the whole thing is in one mile squares. There is a main road every mile without fail. Those roads are busy and noisy.

A town divided

Patagonia still looks like a scruffy western town, but there are signs that it is being taken over by the foofs: Herbal medicine shops, art galleries, foofy coffee shops, etc. So, the cowboys are firing back. This gas station is next door to a health food store which would probably be on the opposite end of the spectrum.


Took a trip to Patagonia, AZ, a small town near the Mexican border. I had been there before, but today I had a chance to look around. The highlight was this mosaic, which contained tile mixed with mirrors.

Here, the mirrors in the mosaic make it look like there are holes in the fence. Actually, it is a reflection.