Archive - Jan 13, 2006

University of Arizona student union

Spent the afternoon walking around the beautiful campus of the U of A. With the perfect weather, it was an ideal afternoon to take pictures and just amble around. After about an hour, I came across this building.

What a place! It was the new student union. I was struck by its catwalks, decks, overlooks, railings, and its openness. The building takes advantage of the Arizona climate to blur the distinction between indoors and out.

Finger Rock Trail

Here is an ocotillo with its nasty thorns. The ocotillo puts on leaves when it rains and drops them again when it gets dry.

Took a hike on Finger Rock Trail today. I was so distracted by taking pictures that I didn't make it far up the trail. I don't like going far up the trail anyway--you have to come back the same way you came. Makes me claustrophobic.