Archive - Jan 31, 2006


This year is the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The year will be filled with Mozart concerts, tributes, radio shows, and so on. Most music writers are weighing in with tributes, but one critic will have no part of the love-fest. Although I am not so sour on Mozart, I do enjoy this line:

Of voles and moles

Weblog reader Jerrianne from Alaska writes that the little brown furball shown below is actually a redback vole, while the pink snouted thing is probably a mole. Research on the web confirms that she is correct. Type in "redback vole" on google images and all kinds of those little furballs show up. And the only thing with a pink snout is a mole.


I love trains, but even more, I love train whistles. They are an echo from the past. I am against city ordinances, such as the one recently proposed in Fargo, that would ban trains from sounding their whistles in town.

When I was in the dorm at UND, I could hear the trains banging together and apart in the train yard just across campus. I also could hear the whistles, but I was convinced at the time and still am that the whistles sound different, and better, in Fargo.