Archive - Jan 8, 2006

Feeling Puny on Sunday

Called Aunt Olla back at the Fertile Hilton this afternoon. She's feeling "puny." That means not particularly well. Her blood pressure had gone up to the point where the doctor decided they had better do something about it, so she's on blood pressure medication and that can knock a person out for a while.

But she perked up as the phone conversation went along. I think she was in the middle of a nap when I called, but she wouldn't admit it.

Thermostat wars

Can you imagine how many times this sad story is repeated each year across the Midwest? The picture says it all.

Neti pot

The night before leaving for Tucson, a bunch of friends came over to the house--high school friends who were home for the holidays. We are now getting to the age where the discussion starts to tend towards bowels and such. In the course of the conversation, one friend brought up how he is now hooked on the Neti Pot.

Tucson sunset

Okay, I could get along without the two electric wires in the middle of the picture, but I was in a hurry to catch this sunset before it faded, which it did in about two minutes. I wasn't the only one out on the hotel balcony taking pictures.