Archive - Oct 11, 2006


Today, the weather turned very cold, hovering around freezing for most of the day. There was a dusting of snow this morning, and more dustings throughout the day as various squalls passed over. Between the squalls came brief periods of sunshine.

Torture of US citizen by his own government

Please read this account of the treatment given a US citizen suspected of plotting a "dirty bomb" attack, but not given a trial for three years to prove or disprove the charge.

Napping weather

The weather turned cloudy and cold today. Lots of rain this evening. It all made me feel groggy. After a busy couple of weeks, I did nothing. It felt good.

And I took a long nap. This was no ordinary nap. It was one of those where I melted into the bed and didn't move. When I awoke, I didn't know what time of what day it was. Morning or night? No idea.

A person needs a day like that every now and then.