Archive - Oct 15, 2006

Window washing

Since I wrote a column on window-washing a couple of weeks ago, I have gotten dozens of suggestions. Most had something to do with vinegar or dish soap, or a combination of the two. Some methods were complicated, some were simple.

Some common themes: Use newspaper or cheap paper towels, the expensive paper towels smear.

Vinegar is about as good as it gets, apparently. One lady uses dish soap, ammonia and vinegar.

So, today, I mixed up some vinegar water and did almost all of my windows. They turned out great. Must be the cool weather.

Stri vs. strid

Reader Lyndon agrees with Jim and Ingela that "strid" means conflict, and furthermore, many soldiers in the old time ended up adopting it as a surname simply to distinguish themselves from all the Mattsons and Nelsons. Thus, there are people with the surname "Streed" up in the far reaches of northwest Minnesota.

Quite prominent

Just remembered a statement Olla made yesterday when talking about a friend of hers from the old days. Olla said her friend came from a family which was "quite prominent in Flom."

Flom is a nice town, but its population is at most 30. Not quite sure what it would take to be quite prominent there.

Another phrase of the day: "You're going to stay for lunch, aren't you?"

The nice ladies at the Cluster 4 gathering at the Calvary Lutheran Church in Bemidji, of course, asked me to stay for lunch.