Archive - Oct 19, 2006


Weblog reader Jerrianne from Alaska passes on a link to photos of Cambridge. Wow. I spent a summer in Cambridge, and I took many long walks in the late evening. Believe me, these scenes are everywhere. I recognize many of them. And they are best is the light of dusk, which in the English summer comes at about 10:30 p.m., just as people are stumbling home from the pubs (which close at 11).

This is some great photography. It captures the scenes which I found surreal even while experiencing them.

Pac filling

Came home from class to find the men running the pac filling operation. That is the assembly line Dad invented which we use each fall to fill the 5,500 trays of pacs with soil for use and sale in the greenhouse in the spring. Usually we have six or seven people on hand to man the operation. When I came home today, they were hustling along with four. The pac-filler puts out seventeen trays per minute no matter what, so with four people you run out of breath.