Archive - Oct 9, 2006


When I pulled up to the drive-thru at Starbuck's in Grand Forks today, I had a Virgil Fox organ album blaring on my pickup's stereo.

The perky little blonde girl at the window smiled and said, "Great organ music!"

Wow! Somebody who likes organ music!

Turns out, she is studying opera, so has an appreciation for good music.

So, the world isn't going to pot after all.

The national comedy

Unfortunately, the national news is all about this Foley thing. We are fighting a war which probably isn't being run very well, our military people are dying every day, and the only thing which captures the imagination of the voters enough to get them upset is a very creepy congressman.

Who do you blame? The news organizations for filling their airwaves up with irrelevant but compelling trash? The audiences who are so interested in trash?


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