Archive - Nov 11, 2006


This little goldfinch waits his turn at the thistle feeder this morning.

Chickens come home to roost

Remember when the torture and abuse at the prisons was passed off as the misbehavior of rogue units? Well, it never was confined to the lower ranks, and it was never even their fault. It was ordered from the highest levels. And this is the result. As it should be.

Uncle Tom's Cabin

Today, I saw that we had an extra day without much to do in history class, so I had some copies of the first chapter of Uncle Tom's Cabin made and we spent the hour reading it aloud.

Sons of Norway

Last night, I performed for the Sons of Norway chapter in Fargo at a banquet for their volunteers. There were about 150 people there.

It went okay. The sound system was a little rough. I have gotten used to wireless microphones, so it was a bit of a challenge holding a mike and trying to read and talk. I ended up fumbling with my notes until somebody piped up, "you must be a Norwegian!" True enough.