Archive - Nov 4, 2006

Trouble in Zion

Poor Ted Haggard's life is crumbling around him. The pastor of a 14,000 member church in Colorado Springs, of all things, bought meth from a prostitute. He didn't use the drug, of course, and the prostitute did nothing more than administer Rev. Haggard a massage. Even so, Haggard has resigned his positions and submitted to the authority of an oversight board within the church which will decide his fate.

Starting a fire

The guys got my wood stove moved into a position more agreeable to the insurance company today. Now it is 80 feet from the house. A nice walk. Tonight, I fired it up.

When heating with wood, I can turn the temps up a bit without guilt that I am running up the electric bill. Plus, the scent of wood burning is a cozy thing.

So, I got the stove going just in time for a little warm spell which is going to happen next week. We'll take what comes. If it gets back into the 50s, that would be fun.