Archive - Nov 9, 2006

Same idea, stated more eloquently

After writing the entry below, I came across this article, which fleshes out the "divided government" idea very nicely.


Quite a result from the mid-term election. The voters were cranky, as I think they had a right to be. Rumsfeld saw the writing on the wall and got out. Or, he was pushed out. Who knows. The choice of Gates is a bit odd. The hearings to confirm him will probably go a long ways towards figuring out where we are headed in Iraq.

With divided government, oddly, more gets done. The sharply partisan issues have to go on the back burner and more practical matters, the areas where some agreement between the party can be forged, supercede.

Nutrition scientists

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the Human Nutrition Lab in Grand Forks. Last night, I spoke to about 18 of their scientists at a retreat they were having at the Inn at Maple Crossing up by Maple Lake.

The meal was delicious. Jim and Nan are the innkeepers, and Jim cooked up some delicious salmon.

I learned some things from the scientists. One does most of his work on boron. He is attempting to find out if boron is necessary for bone development. As a part of his research, he recently traveled to Turkey, which sits on 70% of the world's supply of boron.