Archive - Nov 2006

November 3rd

Starting a fire

The guys got my wood stove moved into a position more agreeable to the insurance company today. Now it is 80 feet from the house. A nice walk. Tonight, I fired it up.

When heating with wood, I can turn the temps up a bit without guilt that I am running up the electric bill. Plus, the scent of wood burning is a cozy thing.

So, I got the stove going just in time for a little warm spell which is going to happen next week. We'll take what comes. If it gets back into the 50s, that would be fun.

November 2nd


Late in the gray day today, the sun peeked through, illuminating this cornfield and some of the trees beyond it.

November 1st

Plowing under

Members of the American Crystal Sugar cooperative were ordered to plow under 8% of their beet crop this fall. The crop was so good that there were more beets than the plants could ever process by the time the weather warms in May.

October 31st

Winter project

It looks as if I will be busy this winter. I have been hired to write a book about the 1952 Halstad basketball and baseball teams. I am going to use the book as an excuse to research and write about life in Halstad at the time.

I have my first interview with a participant this week. I will interview the assistant coach at the time, Larry Macleod, who later went on to be the head basketball coach at Moorhead State.