Archive - Dec 14, 2006

Review day

Today in class we just reviewed the material. The running joke is, if the students don't ask questions about the material on the exam, I am free to talk about anything I wish, and I did. World War II, Vietnam War, Teddy Roosevelt, all things irrelevant to the exam.

One of the students offered a story. He went to kindergarten having just turned five. The first day, he was on the merry-go-round and found he had to pee. So, he just went to the edge and peed off into space as the merry-go-round turned. That seemed best to him!

Lake Park Lutheran

Tonight I entertained at the Lake Park Lutheran Christmas party, held in the sanctuary. There was a nice turnout. I know most of the people since my Uncle Bob was pastor there for seventeen years.

I did a whole program--mostly speaking and playing some music which seemed appropriate--Chopin, Greensleeves, Joy to the World, some Joplin. Then, I said, let's finish with Silent Night.