Archive - Dec 15, 2006

Keillor on Christmas letters

Garrison Keillor give his commentary on the annual screeds.

Review, clarified

Weblog reader Irene protests that I should have spent more time on the topic rather than fooling around during the review session. I should have explained. We didn't just fool around. I answered many questions about the topics on the exam. But I refuse to just start rehashing the material without direction from the students. It is up to them to ask me questions about the material I put on the review sheet. If they have no questions, then I head off on a tangent just so they know that they're going to have to take the initiative if they want me to help.


A roll of microfilm of the Halstad newspaper came into the Ada Library today, so I ran right over to start reeling through it.

I am like a pig in mud in old newspapers, so it is difficult to keep my nose on the grindstone and stick to the topic. The Halstad paper at the time was a little sparse, but it does give a good record of the sports events, at least.

Above the gossip column was a box which said, "The best compliment you can give to your guests is to announce their visit in the newspaper!"


Ghost tree

There's been a lot of this sort of thing outside the past few days.