Archive - Dec 2, 2006


Blue Jays

The blue jay above feasted at the feeder, until he was rudely shunned away by the blue jay below, who had noticably brighter plumage.

What to do?

That is the question we face in Iraq. I am glad I am not in a position to decide.

My first impulse would be: Let's pour in troops, settle things down, get rid of the bad guys and try to get the country back on its feet.

That is simply not possible without reinstituting the draft, a political impossibility right now. We only have about 20,000 troops to send in. In a country of 26 million, I somehow doubt that will tilt the scales.


Woke up to this today. A lot of snow fell last evening. It is puffy and powdery. If the wind comes up, it will blow around.

Last night, I attended a dinner for the board of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation in Bagley. The roads over weren't bad, but on the way home, it was downright nasty.

Chickadee eyes feeder