Archive - Jan 2006

January 5th

Franciscan courtyard

We went snooping around the back of the mission and found the entrance to the monastery, which was locked up. But I got a glimpse of their cloister courtyard through the gate.

Tile Madonna

Weblog reader Irene asked if I had a close-up of the tile Madonna by the water fountain. Here it is.

Stress in Paradise

In the big city, you get far more chance to overhear people's unguarded conversations. I am struck by how many restaurant conversations are spent discussing the ridiculousness of somebody who is not present.

January 4th

San Xavier Mission

My dad's high school roomate Elmer took Lance and I to San Xavier Mission today, just south of Tucson. The mission was built by the Spanish and completed in 1797. Right now it is undergoing a restoration of the stucco on the towers. The work is slow. Each tower will cost $1.3 million.

Attached to the mission is a functioning school and a Franciscan monastery. The arches frame the scene looking north towards Tucson.

January 3rd

Copper chimes

Pima County Courthouse

This beautiful tile-domed 1927 building sits on a plaza with fountains and green grass just across from the Tucson Art Museum.

Broken window

In a mild climate, there isn't quite the impetus to fix broken windows that there is where it gets below zero.

Historic Tucson

Went down to Tucson's historic district this afternoon to see the art museum and the old houses in the area. Some of the architecture was striking.

Part of a mural in the background sets off marble used in the museum's construction.

Things you don't see in Fertile

Okay, I was shooting from the hip and didn't get a good picture of this guy at the coffee shop because I didn't dare ask him if I could take his picture. Yellow shoes, mauve socks, white boxers, yellow shirt, plaid bow tie--and mauve jacket on a man who looked to be in his late eighties. Priceless.

The Tucson effect

Each year when December rolls around, I debate: Is it worth it to go to Arizona? Should I just stay home and tend the stove?

Most years, I cave in and go to Tucson, but with mixed feelings. Perhaps this year the charm will wear off. Perhaps this year I will get there and realize that I really no longer enjoy it.