Archive - Feb 1, 2006


Aunt Olla wanted to come out to my house to go through some of her things, so I picked her up at the Fertile Hilton after lunch. We took the back roads out to the nursery just to see some new scenery, since we don't get to take trips to Frenchman's Bluff southeast of Twin Valley any more.

What's wrong with this picture?

I just checked on Google News. On their front page were the following links to major news items:

In The News:
Coretta Scott King
State of the Union
Bob Woodruff
Jill Carroll
Wendy Wasserstein
Martin Luther King
Samuel Alito
Alan Greenspan
Mayville State
Exxon Mobil

I did a double take near the end. Since when does Mayville State make national news? Did the campus burn?