Archive - Mar 10, 2006

Tax day

Tax day, for Aunt Olla, at least. Time to bring the shoebox up to the accountant. You'd think taxes for a 94-year-old on Social Security and a teacher's pension would be simple, but it really isn't. There are lots of documents to put together, and she'll probably end up paying in despite the fact that all her income is going to the Hilton.


Major dripping off the roof today. We have a lot of snow to melt off yet, however. There still are no black spots on the fields. It is all white.

There is no open water to speak of, either--yet, today I saw two trumpeter swans fly low over the Cenex station and then saw what I thought were six more higher up in the sky close to the nursery. I have to say that made my day, seeing the swans again. They must be eating in the corn fields, as they certainly aren't finding any of their usual diet of swamp scum.