Archive - Mar 2, 2006


I get a kick out of baseball blogger Aaron Gleeman's entry today. He is running down the players he considers to be the top 40 Twins of all time. He is giving a run down of each of the players careers.

Today, he hit upon relief pitcher Al Worthington, who was a little before my time, but whom I heard about from my grandfather, who regarded him as a fine upstanding man.

Good weather to be under

The weather today is beautiful, but I am under it. A little flu bug or something, just on the verge of not being sick--but not feeling all that well either.

So, do I just go with being sick and lay in bed all day and feel like a vegetable? Or do I kick myself in the butt and get something done anyway and maybe pop out of it sooner?

The word "disease" applies here, as in lack of ease.

March is a time for disease, no matter what. It always has been. People can make it through the winter fine, but the funeral home always does brisk business in March.