Archive - Mar 21, 2006

Brand new Brazilian

Drove to Fergus Falls this afternoon to pick up Leonidas, a Brazilian exchange worker who will be at the nursery for the next few months. He will be occupying the guest room at my house.

"I am your new Cassio!" he announced right away, meaning, I found out later, that his English is still in the early stages, as Cassio's was when he first arrived in the United States. By the time Cassio arrived here at the nursery, however, he was in good shape, and I am confident Leonidas is going to have no problem whatsoever.

All for the best

Today was the day for Aunt Olla to pick up her taxes. We went up town and thank goodness there was no ice on the sidewalks. We went in for the tax trauma--something seems funny when a 94-year-old on subsistence income has to pay in--and then headed out the front door.

Of course, like a good Norwegian, I stood with the door open to leave talking with the people inside. You can't just talk and then leave, no, you have to get half-way through the door and then discuss things. Unfortunately, Olla was already out the door and headed to the pickup.