Archive - Mar 29, 2006


Something about this scene, a repeat of the one below, reminds me of this painting by Andrew Wyeth, which has always held a spot in my imagination. Because Wyeth was a New Englander, I don't think he realized how well this painting represents much of North Dakota.


Well, I made it through the performance in front of 500 people without screwing up too badly. Lots of nice comments afterwards by nice people. At one point, the clip-on mike started cutting out when I was in the middle of a song. I didn't know whether to quit and repair it or just plow ahead. I plowed ahead, although I could sense that the cutting out was distracting some of the audience on the right side of the room.

Notable rest area

On the long lonely stretches of US Highway 2 across North Dakota, this clever rest area appeared right near Devils Lake. It took me a while to realize that it had a steamboat theme. Notice the vent doubling as the paddle wheel as well as the smoke stack.