Archive - Mar 30, 2006


My favorite part of Sid Hartman's sports column in the Minneapolis Tribune were the "jottings," little snippets of gossip separated by three dots...So, here are jottings of the trip to Minot...The windbreaks near Larimore are spectacular...I was in a picture-taking mood, so I snapped about 100...Highway 2 was so abandoned I could stop whenever I wanted...of course it would have helped if I had put the memory card in my camera first...

Million-dollar toilet

Weblog reader Tara, who grew up 3 miles from the rest area highlighted below, sent on "the rest of the story" this morning. The rest area is indeed modeled after a steamboat. The story is quite interesting. So is the story of the rest area, according to Tara:
The rest area cost one million dollars to build. It was quite the uproar in the community as who would ever spend that much on a bathroom. They now call it the million dollar toilet.