Archive - Mar 31, 2006

Reasserting the obvious

Two headlines this morning struck me as funny: "Mental sharpness may impact number of falls in elderly" was the first. They needed a study to find this out. I hope it wasn't funded by tax dollars, but I suspect it was.

Second: "Santana pleased with changeup." Really! And I'll bet Michelangelo was happy with the Sistine Chapel, too. If Santana is already painting the strike zone with his change-up, we're going to have a fun spring. And summer.

Vocational aptitude

Was showing Leo some photo albums and came across this one of me at nine months. My inclinations were already obvious. Notice the glee with which I am slaughtering somebody in print. The makers of Gerbers liquid pea goop?

Here's one more shot of the million dollar toilet near Devils Lake. I think it was worth every dime.

Catalog party

The nursery catalogs arrived yesterday. Today, we started affixing the mailing labels in hopes of getting the whole schmear out in the mail tomorrow. I enjoy the assembly line-like process. Cindy has it down to a science. Printing out the labels, organizing by zip code, boxing up the catalogs, filling out the forms for the bulk mailing requirements.

As for me, I just stick labels and obey orders. That didn't prevent me from knocking over a cup of coffee on about a dozen catalogs and two pages of labels. That took about ten minutes of recovery time.