Archive - Mar 7, 2006

Puckett thoughts

It is always interesting to see how the media treats a fallen hero. You can go on the internet and watch the articles come down the pike as they are published. Usually, they are just a rehash of the same Associated Press article. Why I get into monitoring these things is anybody's guess.

Blyleven quote

Since word of the death of Kirby Puckett's death came out a little over an hour ago, the internet has been abuzz. You can check out all the weblogs by typing in Puckett's name on Technorati, a website which tracks the content of weblogs within minutes after it is posted.

One quote I hadn't heard: apparently, Bert Blyleven, great pitcher and current Twins TV commentator, once gushed during a broadcast: "If you don't love Kirby Puckett, you don't love life." Well said.


Few people are known only by their first name. Kirby was one, at least in Minnesota.

Word just came out that Puckett died tonight at age 44 after suffering a massive stroke yesterday.

Even non-baseball fans in Minnesota have a soft spot for Kirby. You couldn't watch him play ball without smiling. Short and chubby-looking, Puckett reminded many of a fire hydrant.