Archive - Mar 8, 2006


It's gotten so this guy doesn't even budge when I pound on the piano. He's curious, but not afraid. Perhaps he's just so overpoweringly hungry that the allure of the bird seed keeps him within a few inches of the window. I hope the melting of the snow reveals more food for the deer. They don't look bad, but they're down to eating things that don't seem very appealing such as green ash bark.

Early sign of spring

Even though there are still a couple of feet of snow outside, today was beautiful--sunny and in the upper 30s. And the geraniums came. The first batch arrived at the Grand Forks airport this morning. Dad took the minivan up there and picked up those two pallets. Then, several more boxes of geraniums came UPS. So, by the end of the day, there was plenty to do.

More Puckett lore

The stories pile up: A jeweler who works near the Metrodome became friends with Puckett after he patronized the man's store early in his career. Puckett, who apparently loved to sell things, agreed to do a promotion for the store (in fact it was his idea)--anybody who bought $100 worth of jewelry would get an autographed ball.

Well, people lined up for two blocks. And true to his word, Puckett made darn sure each family bought $100 worth of jewelry before they got their ball.


Attended the DFL caucus and county convention--two formerly separate
events which are now combined--at the Ada school tonight. Much of it is
clap-trap, pushed along by Jim, our droll leader who marches us through
the motions with dry humor that the assembled faithful are a little too
shy to appreciate out loud.

For example, we held a somber election of an "affirmative action
officer," who is in charge of fielding complaints from anybody who
feels hurt or aggrieved by the convention proceedings. He/she/it is