Archive - Mar 2006

March 19th


A buddy from high school called today. He just finished reading the paper and decided that the world is going crazy and he needed to call somebody to complain about it. He was referring specifically to the recent debacle involving Minnesota Senate Majority leader Dean Johnson who recorded telling a bunch of ministers that he had an assurance from three Supreme Court Justices that they weren't going to tinker with the gay marriage law as it is on the books.

Amateur photographs pro

Eric Hylden of the Grand Forks Herald is at the house today taking photos for a feature on the house the paper will publish in about a month.

Eric is a real pro. I have always admired his work. When the flood of 1997 came to Grand Forks, Eric took the pictures which Newsweek, Time and Life magazine used prominently in their coverage. Eric was part of the team which won one Pulitzer and finished second for another that year.

March 17th


Some friends went to Sioux Falls last weekend. That's a town just down the road. They had no snow there and it was 55 degrees.

Just talked to my uncle in Indiana. Yesterday, they had 75 degrees. The fruit trees are in bloom.

March 16th

Winter, cont.

Drove across the valley to Halstad today to play and sing at the nursing home there. For some reason, the nursing homes all call in March.

March 15th


This morning, hoar frost was everywhere. Before it all fell off in the breeze, I drove around and shot some photos. For those of you in warmer climes, here is what things still look like up here. To say the least, this scenery has worn out its charm.

March 14th

Catnap with poodle

This lady caught a catnap with her poodle on her lap while I was playing yesterday. She said her cousin brings the dog in every morning and picks it up every night and that it spends most of the day on her lap.

An awful website

This website won some sort of award as one of the worst-designed sites on the web, despite its obviously important mission. To get the full effect, you have to turn up the sound and wait for it to download completely. See how long you can endure it.


Yesterday, I played and sang for some of the residents of Villa St. Vincent nursing home in Crookston. Lance came along and took some pictures.

I am not a big fan of electronic keyboards, but this Roland wasn't too bad. I had some apprehension coming in--I knew there was something funny at this venue, but wasn't sure what. Well, it was the electronic keyboard. I have trouble with them. It went fine this time, however. Just a few squashed notes.

March 12th

More drum beating

Lance and I decided to get away and go to the Passage to India for supper last night. Only a few hours after the roads looked like the picture below, they were perfectly clean last evening. We drove through Halstad--where I was supposed to perform yesterday morning but canceled due to snow--in clear weather with dry roads. I almost felt guilty.

Oh man did we have a good meal. Lance ordered #45, and I ordered #19. We also had a #4 for appetizer. If you think that sounds delicious, you should taste it!

March 11th

Quick storm

I was due in Halstad this morning to do some music for their electric co-op's annual meeting. Once I got out on the road, however, I found things challenging. A little ways after I took this picture, the winds picked up and the tracks disappeared and I had no option but to turn back and follow my tracks home.

Once home, I called the school where the meeting was held. They were holding the meeting, but only 26 people showed; over 300 were expected.